T:mi Koivuniemen Mehiläispesä

Seppäläntie 27 A

49480 Summa (HAMINA, FINLAND)

tel: 050 5294937 (Jukka) or 050 5294938 (Raija)

e-mail: mehilaispesa@mehilaispesa.net


We offer reed and other aquatic vegetation cutting services and aquatic harvesting services in South-Eastern Finland with harvesting reedcutting machine.

Please contact by e-mail: mehilaispesa@mehilaispesa.net if you need reedcutting or reedharvesting services on your seeshore or lakeshore.



We produce honey in our farm in Virolahti Koivuniemi. We sell our honey only in the market-place. See here, where and when next time. You can also buy our honey  from the self-service ”honey kiosk” in Summa. Address: Seppäläntie 27 A, 49480 Summa. Take the pot(s) from the box and pay the price (even money) to the white post-box (in the opposite side of the crossroad, before the kiosk). If the ”kiosk-box” is empty, please call 050 5294938 (Raija Seppälä).

Notice: We don’t sell honeybees, bee-hives, beekeeping equipments or beeswax. Beekeeping equipments like beeboxes, beeswax etc. you can buy for example: Mesimestari, Hunajayhtymä, Lahtisen vahavalimo